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Yesterday during my Illustrator class, I got bored and just started doodling. I doodled a girl, and gave her distinct features like a big nose, eyes not leveled and of difference sizes, green hair, armpit and leg hair (also green), one arm longer than the other, and one boob normal size, the other nonexistent (I think I drew that, can't recall). As a background, I just drew a diagonal line pattern, like the stripes of a candy cane, only red and black. I crumbled it up, to give it the feeling that it's old. Then I scribbled on the back, multiple times, "Help Me!" I wanted to give the illusion that the girl was trapped in a negative zone of some sorts, that she was trapped in the piece of paper. I also wrote "Kiss Me" once. My story for this would be that she is actually a fairly attractive girl, but somehow got trapped in a dimension of sorts. Her only glimpse of the world is this one window, what the paper sees. She looks up and see's everything moving around her, while we would only see a stillframe of what appears to be a characature of her drawn by a child, the drawing. Whoever finds this paper will see the bizarre ugly woman, not the beautiful young lady, trapped and scarred. Her only way out is for whoever finds this paper to kiss the drawing on the lips, as far as the girl knows, that will set her free. Sort of like the Princess and the Frog or that one story in Canterbury Tales about that old lady who turned out to be a really hot lady, but wouldn't turn into a really hot lady till the guy she was with promised to always love her. I didn't want to write out that she's a captured soul and needs a kiss to be set free and all that garbage, so I just wrote "Kiss me". I then folded it into a little square note, wrote a big "Help me" on the side, and slipped it into some random person's locker in art building.

I wonder what ever happened to that drawing. Wish I saved a copy before leaving it in the locker, or took a picture of it with my cellphone. Oh well. Hopefully someone out there has my drawing and is greatly confused. Your welcome.