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so, there's that. I got bored and wondered if i could write a poem on the spot. i can't. lol.

I've been feeling like shit lately. I think I know where this sickness came from. I thought at first it was just this weekend. My parents and sister were out of town so i had the place to myself, so i bought looooots of junk food. hotdogs, soda, ice cream, ordered a pizza, got hot pockets, you name it. At some point, my chest started to hurt. I think all the cheese got my heart clogged for a sec. That didn't feel right, so, i thought i could walk it off. when I reached the end of the neighborhood, i decided to head back, my chest was just hurting too much. I immediately through away the rest of the pizza. I then checked the scale, it said i was 228 pounds. WHAT!? But then I took a really long shit, and I went back to 220 ... weird.

So, anyway, that's not why i'm sick. I think it was when I went to the movies to see that Ricky Gervais film, The Invention of Lying, and right when the film started, this kid was sitting behind me and sneezed a few couple of times, and when i got home, I was sneezing and my nose wouldn't stop running!

FYI pretty funny movie.

While i was on the computer that night, my nose kept running and i had to keep blowing my nose, i used up so many roles of toilet paper. so many that ... we ran out. My mom came in and gave me a hard time about it, as if I used up all the toilet paper just to be a dick.

Right now I'm feeling kinda ok. I feel like i can wake up on time and go to my anthropology class ... but I still plan not to. I'm probably gonna cut that class and focus on passing history and actually get around to printing my illustrator projects.

Aside from that, nothing new.

Mostly when I stare into nothingness or am fucking around in class, I've been working on some ideas for works of fiction. I need to get around to putting them on paper, maybe work on some sketches, share them on deviantart and see how people feel about them. Most of these ideas are parodies or satires of comics i like. more on that later.

I've noticed that I have too many comic books, manga, and actual books. I need to get around to getting another separate bookshelf.

And apparently my iTouch doesn't want my using the internet, since, the lil button that lets me use the internet mysteriously disappeared ... weird.

Nick, out.