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"i've said it all"

Two figments, seemingly human figures, walk into the night,
they stand side by side as they enter a forest that didn't seem right,
to keep their sanity, they speak to each other till they reach a light,
they will keep their words going with all their might.

While running they come across a shadowed demon horde,
the two fight off omens without the use of shield or sword,
by conversing with each other, the darkness is left ignored,
they brawl and conquer on their own preposterous accord.

But most unfortunately, it could not last,
they said all there is to say, so they made a break for it, fast,
the demons caught up, surrounded them and left no gap they could pass,
it turned grim for the two, the lad and his lass.

These two figments, lovers, friends, allies of their own will,
held each other as the shadows came in for the kill,
they became encased in separate shadowy spheres, separated by not God's will,
two lovers die, crushed by the overbearing darkness, with so much left to fulfill.

Don't fret, for it is not their desire to stray
in this experience that is too graphic to display,
what this story tells is simple, if not a little cliche,
find strength and hold on, when having nothing to say.