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some shitty poem

(Moon)light My Cigarette

I make a wish so that the moon will pierce through the night cloud,
Like a beam of sunlight through a magnifying glass,
And the shadows that, like Death, make me be not proud,
Are scampering and running from me like cowards in mass.

The moonbeam circles 'round like a wolf taunting its prey,
I think nothing of it and let the beam light my cheap cigarette,
As I smoke the beauty and majesty of the moon away,
I shout, "When is it suppose to get any better, yet?"

Blue Doom

I sometimes question when a friend tells me a movie he saw was the "worst film" he's seen in his entire life, and yet he tells me he's never seen Skyline.

Discovery Can Be a Downer

... So ... it turns out all those walking songs playing in a row i mentioned last time ... it did that because it was playing tracks alphabetically.

Yeah ... sometimes when I shake it to schuffle tracks ... it plays them alphabetically from time to time .........

... I'm a fucking moron.

Gotta Love The Little (Eerie) Things

As I was walking home from work, I was listening to my iPod at the time, had it on shuffle. Nothing special at first, but when I got halfway home, my iPod started to do that thing where it plays song after song that relate to eachother, which is random and eerie but can also be quite awesome. It played the following:

Walk Like a Man - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Dire Straights - Walk of Life
Boston - Walk On
Boston - Walk On (Some More)
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
Aerosmith - Walk On Water

In that order, I am dead serious. I was starting to wonder how much longer it would last, then after the Aerosmith song came a Michael Jackson song and broke the chain.

I wonder what goes on when that happens. How does it happen? At some point does my iPod sync with my soul and plays a hit-list my subconscious is requesting? Or it could be just a big coincidence ... Hmm.

Would it do it again if I did other things like run, or drive, or swim. Well, maybe not swim. If I swam with my iPod, I'd be dead.

These are the things I think about when I wait for a video to stop loading.

Can I Waste YOUR Time Instead?

So, another semester's come and gone. This is probably my worst yet, but we'll wait and see.

Oh well, that's depressing, time to whore myself out.

Last new year's, my resolution was to do something with my Youtube account, other than favoring videos. Before that, all I uploaded was some Spore videos and 2 episodes of a series I never had any intention of keeping up with called Improv Kareoke. Well, now, I'm doing movie reviews. Sorta, my style is that I upload a video that's a couple seconds long with my impression of the video (whether it be a sentence on what actor should die, or a ramble about something random) and a link to another livejournal account I made with written reviews.

The problem being I see WAY more movies then I make videos for, so, I dunno, I'll have to do something about that over the summer. Anyways, here's the youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuddhaBot

AND here's the archive of written reviews: http://community.livejournal.com/buddhabot/

So yeah ... i know nobody reads this, but, if you do, pass it on.

I'm thinking of doing more stuff with my channel, like spoofs, skits, and vlogs. So, wait and see. The year isn't over yet.
Quick story, remember that drawing I was talking about in my post last week about the drawing I left in a random locker in the art department at my school? Well, I saw it last Tuesday.



Haha, didn't see that coming.

Posting it on a bulleton board, not what I expected, but at least they didn't just throw it away.

Probably thinks a retard drew it. <_<

(FYI Anybody wondering about the New York titles in these posts, I made that post after getting back from seeing that movie New York, I Love You. And, it was actually pretty good. I was combing the movie title with the title of a band called I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. I have one song from them called According to Plan. iTunes recommend. It was ok, but wouldn't recommend it.)
Yesterday during my Illustrator class, I got bored and just started doodling. I doodled a girl, and gave her distinct features like a big nose, eyes not leveled and of difference sizes, green hair, armpit and leg hair (also green), one arm longer than the other, and one boob normal size, the other nonexistent (I think I drew that, can't recall). As a background, I just drew a diagonal line pattern, like the stripes of a candy cane, only red and black. I crumbled it up, to give it the feeling that it's old. Then I scribbled on the back, multiple times, "Help Me!" I wanted to give the illusion that the girl was trapped in a negative zone of some sorts, that she was trapped in the piece of paper. I also wrote "Kiss Me" once. My story for this would be that she is actually a fairly attractive girl, but somehow got trapped in a dimension of sorts. Her only glimpse of the world is this one window, what the paper sees. She looks up and see's everything moving around her, while we would only see a stillframe of what appears to be a characature of her drawn by a child, the drawing. Whoever finds this paper will see the bizarre ugly woman, not the beautiful young lady, trapped and scarred. Her only way out is for whoever finds this paper to kiss the drawing on the lips, as far as the girl knows, that will set her free. Sort of like the Princess and the Frog or that one story in Canterbury Tales about that old lady who turned out to be a really hot lady, but wouldn't turn into a really hot lady till the guy she was with promised to always love her. I didn't want to write out that she's a captured soul and needs a kiss to be set free and all that garbage, so I just wrote "Kiss me". I then folded it into a little square note, wrote a big "Help me" on the side, and slipped it into some random person's locker in art building.

I wonder what ever happened to that drawing. Wish I saved a copy before leaving it in the locker, or took a picture of it with my cellphone. Oh well. Hopefully someone out there has my drawing and is greatly confused. Your welcome.
so, there's that. I got bored and wondered if i could write a poem on the spot. i can't. lol.

I've been feeling like shit lately. I think I know where this sickness came from. I thought at first it was just this weekend. My parents and sister were out of town so i had the place to myself, so i bought looooots of junk food. hotdogs, soda, ice cream, ordered a pizza, got hot pockets, you name it. At some point, my chest started to hurt. I think all the cheese got my heart clogged for a sec. That didn't feel right, so, i thought i could walk it off. when I reached the end of the neighborhood, i decided to head back, my chest was just hurting too much. I immediately through away the rest of the pizza. I then checked the scale, it said i was 228 pounds. WHAT!? But then I took a really long shit, and I went back to 220 ... weird.

So, anyway, that's not why i'm sick. I think it was when I went to the movies to see that Ricky Gervais film, The Invention of Lying, and right when the film started, this kid was sitting behind me and sneezed a few couple of times, and when i got home, I was sneezing and my nose wouldn't stop running!

FYI pretty funny movie.

While i was on the computer that night, my nose kept running and i had to keep blowing my nose, i used up so many roles of toilet paper. so many that ... we ran out. My mom came in and gave me a hard time about it, as if I used up all the toilet paper just to be a dick.

Right now I'm feeling kinda ok. I feel like i can wake up on time and go to my anthropology class ... but I still plan not to. I'm probably gonna cut that class and focus on passing history and actually get around to printing my illustrator projects.

Aside from that, nothing new.

Mostly when I stare into nothingness or am fucking around in class, I've been working on some ideas for works of fiction. I need to get around to putting them on paper, maybe work on some sketches, share them on deviantart and see how people feel about them. Most of these ideas are parodies or satires of comics i like. more on that later.

I've noticed that I have too many comic books, manga, and actual books. I need to get around to getting another separate bookshelf.

And apparently my iTouch doesn't want my using the internet, since, the lil button that lets me use the internet mysteriously disappeared ... weird.

Nick, out.

"i've said it all"

Two figments, seemingly human figures, walk into the night,
they stand side by side as they enter a forest that didn't seem right,
to keep their sanity, they speak to each other till they reach a light,
they will keep their words going with all their might.

While running they come across a shadowed demon horde,
the two fight off omens without the use of shield or sword,
by conversing with each other, the darkness is left ignored,
they brawl and conquer on their own preposterous accord.

But most unfortunately, it could not last,
they said all there is to say, so they made a break for it, fast,
the demons caught up, surrounded them and left no gap they could pass,
it turned grim for the two, the lad and his lass.

These two figments, lovers, friends, allies of their own will,
held each other as the shadows came in for the kill,
they became encased in separate shadowy spheres, separated by not God's will,
two lovers die, crushed by the overbearing darkness, with so much left to fulfill.

Don't fret, for it is not their desire to stray
in this experience that is too graphic to display,
what this story tells is simple, if not a little cliche,
find strength and hold on, when having nothing to say.