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Sep. 7th, 2009

At what point does "vintage" become just plain "old"?
You never realize how much music you have till you decide to upload all your cds onto your new computer, inserting cd after cd, transferring entire album after album, till finally it's the next morning, and you're not even halfway done.

I don't even like AC/DC that much, why the hell do I have so many of their cds!? It's not as much as my Who and Rush collection, but Jesus!

I'll Never Stop, Cuss I Never Get Enough.

Feeling the obligatory guilt for not updating here. I blame Twitter ... yes, I have a twitter. Yes, I hate myself.

Click here to follow me do my daily routine of nothing you can possibly ever care about, and I'll do the same ... PLEASE!!!!

Hey, it's used to brag about all the minor important tasks that no one would care about if you did not publicly announce you're doing it, right? Well, what's the point in having one if no one's gonna share their load of the work and follow you. Right? ... Right!?

Now here's the part where I make you feel bad for doing exactly what I'm doing. Enjoy!Collapse )

Jsut 'cuss.

Why is it so fucking hard for me to type "JUST" without it turning into "JSUT"?

The Internet's sort of Funny that way.

I left the theater thinking "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was an incredibly kickass movie.

Then I go to my internet forums and discussion sites, and after reading countless reviews posting everything that was wrong with it, I now have second thoughts.

Now, I just think it's "ok". Even though THAT might be saying too much.

I think the best way to describe the movie would be this quote I got from an internet forumer that I thought was funny.

"I mean the movie was fun to watch, but god damn was it just BAD."

I wonder what it was like to like a movie before the internet came out ... must have been nice.
Just a random thought.

If they do ever make a sequel to The Dark Knight. What would they call it? DK is a sequel to Batman Begins, implying they'd have to come up with a completely different title for a third installment. Who knows, maybe Nolan can break the chain of previous Batman movie directors and make a trilogy. If he does ... what would he call it?  Let's look at a couple of ides:

Caped Crusader would be the most appropriate, since that's another one of his titles and it seems like a triumphant title for Batman, perfect for conclusion to the Nolan Batman franchise.
The Dark Knight II is out of the question. For one, it's the third installment of the franchise, adding a II to it would be beyond confusing for fans years later. Let's NOT pull a Rambo on the Batman franchise, please.
The Dark Knight Returns might work. That's an existing Batman comic title, on of the most critically acclaimed. Doesn't have much to do with the movies, but no one would care. Though the title would sound weird. He was given the title Dark Knight at the end of the movie, meaning he began his vigilanteism as that. A bat costumed vigilante of justice working only out of his need to help, knowing society wants him dead. Where would he "return" from? Maybe I'm thinking too much into it.
Batman 3 ... I'm not even gonna touch what's wrong with that.
2 Dark 2 Furious ... no thank you.
The World's Greatest Detective seems too vague. That could be about ANYBODY. Sherlock Holmes. L from Death Note. Detective Conan. Pink Panther, lol. And besides, even if he is one of them, I don't think he would qualify as the OVERALL GREATEST. I dunno, he's more action oriented and his methods of detectiving seem to require vast amounts of suspension of disbelief. Don't ask.
Mask of the Phantasm ... a live action version of the Batman Animated Series' greatest movies would be pretty interesting *wink wink*.
Batman and the Boy Wonder. Screw it, you have to add Robin eventually, might as well do it now. I know he'll never be as cool or useful as Teen Titans Robin, but then again, no one can. Plus, that might help wash away the memories of Batman and Robin ... uggghhhhhh.
Batman & Batgirl, hmm. Why not? let's skip Robin and go straight to his female counterpart. Spice it up a notch. given, she was just added to the team to vanquish the rumors of Batman and Robin being butt pirates, but she can be given an even better role than that withou Robin. Now it isn't even apparent that Gordon even has a daughter to play the role of Batgirl, but that's okay. There were infact many other gals who wore the costume to choose from ... like, 3 or 4 other ones. Just pick one. 
Batman & Superman ... please? C'mon, that'd be awesome. I don't even give a flying shit about Superman, but having him along side Batman would be awesome. Yes, I know Nolan wants to make his Batman movie franchise as realistic as possible ... fuck that, we don't care. Give him Superman! That's the only way I can imagine Superman being cool again. Superman Returns tried as hard as it could to do that, but it just reminded me of how kinda boring he is. Yeah, I said it. Hell, let Batman join up with Green Latern for all I care. You can't look me in the eye and tell me Batman can survive doing all the shit he does, and call that "realistic".
The Bold and the Brave? The cartoon sucks, but I assume the comics were pretty good. Sure it's sound clitche and cheesy and corny and ... on second though, nevermind.
Batman: Requiem. What? Batman thinks he's SO great he shouldn't go down the unoriginality path and use one of the most used sequel titles ever. Right along Resurrection.
Batman: A Puzzle of Flesh - Okay, now I'm just fucking around.

Either way, if Nolan does decide to continue directing and as long as Batman's in it, kicking ass and taking names, I'll still watch it. Just as long as their are no Austrian madmen with puns about Ice ... I dunno about you, but being raped twice isn't on my To-Do List.

AniThoughts: Air Gear

I might as well comment about my previous entry. I finished Air Gear a couple of weeks ago and my final opinion of it is-

*drum roll*

It was okay. Just okay. Not great, but not terrible either. Just okay.

Animation: Okay.
Voice Acting: Okay.
Story: Okay.

EVERYTHING was okay. That's the prob. There really was nothing that made it stand out. Though in their defense, how interesting CAN you make a story that involves inline skating? I mean, other than Jet Set Radio.

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If there's fanservice, I'll be there.

Yeah, went so I went to Best Buy this afternoon afternoon. I got a tip from DoubleL at the Tales Forums that BB was having a sale on anime. Everything 50% off. I dashed there after school. I saw the Air Gear complete box set was available, so I swagged that. Being half off, it would cost 25 bucks ... but here's the part where I love me. I had with me a 25 buck gift certificate I saved from Christmas. So giving them that, plus tax for the item, I ended up buying Air Gear for 2 dollars.


God, I love me and my abuse of bargains.

After that, in Best Buy I ran into Derek. We got bored and looked at random dvd box covers and made fun of them Now we can NOT know that He-Man had a christmas special. Oy.

Anyway, when I got home I poped in the 1st disc and saw the first 5 episodes on a row. So far, I'm loving it. Maybe I'll go into more detail about it later on. But intill then ... enjoy some Simca.


simca.jpg ichigo image by sasukexkagome '

AnimePaperwallpapers_Air-Gear_Honch.jpg simca 002 image by ryo_springfields



The Good Son. Macaulay Culkin + Satan

I usually don't write out long reviews, or at least I try not to. It's been done before by internet gurus who could do ten times a better job than I can. But I saw something so unbelievably shitty that I simply have to give it a deal of good destructive criticism. I was just surfing through channels on HBO, y'know, minding my own business. When I came across the title of a certain film entitled "The Good Son", a psycho thriller starring Macaulay Culkin (the kid from Home Alone 1 & 2) and a young Elijah Wood (Frodo from Lord of the Rings) . I knew the Nostalgia Critic from thatguywiththeglasses.com was planning on reviewing it someday, but with Culkin's sister' death not too long ago, he decided to hold it off. Which was fine by me, I wasn't pulling his leg to review some movie I never even heard of. Until a couple of weeks ago, that fateful night. What I saw was beyond a horrible movie, or below it. I don't know, it's indescribable. It's like one of those movies where stuff builds up towards something great, minus the great part. It literally failed at the very end of the movie. Why? Well, that's what I'll explain, as we go into detail about ... the Horror (in so many ways) that is The Good Son:


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Mrs. DoubtFuhrer

I am such an evil fuck, it's unbelievable.

First, an update on stuffz.

Started the new semester last Monday. Monday & Wednesday I have my Intro to 3d Graphics class. It's very interesting, the teacher is kinda hard to comprehend, but I can get the basic gist of what to do from him. I use a completely different program than anything else I've used in my prior graphic designing classes (no photoshop!?!?) but, with some training, I can work with it.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have my Philosophy & Speech classes. Philosophy is interesting and confusing. Mostly confusing. We had this one little homework assignment, where we get these questions and mark either "disagree" or "agree". Questions like "God exists" or "Atheism is a religion" or "all forms of murder are wrong". And the day after, we go over the questions. If you agree with one statement, and agree with another statement that contradicts the other statement, you have a philosophical conundrum. It's not bad, but I feel stupid when I get one. I mostly had a "maybe" answer for all the questions, which was hard to decide do I MAYBE think this way ENOUGH to say I agree? Confusing. But, the teacher is kinda nice and I enjoy some of the lectures ... though I DO space out alot.

The speech class SEEMS pointless, but it's kinda fun. It's a class to get people to communicate better and get up in front of people and discuss things. Which I DO personally need help with. I don't have to take notes though, which is cool, cuss ALL the notes are available on her website. So, I just doodle for a while and do whatever exercises we're doing.

I also took an online math course. It's pretty much just like my last math course, but without having to go to class. Though the homework load seems larger.

Whenever I have time, i'm either a) doin homework b) fuckin around in the computer labs c) hanging with Derek, Ethan, and David, or Trevor. Still getting the feel of the semester.

Ok, enough about skool. Let's talk about why exactly I'm going to Hell. I just got back from the movies with Derek and Ethan. Ethan called me asking me to see a movie, I couldn't hear him clearly (never can) and I thought he said the movie was called "The Science" or something. I didn't care, so I just said sure. I went online fast to look it up, and it was called "Defiance" ... close. It's about a group of Jews during Holocaust time, who create colonies in forests, defending themselves from Nazis and such. The lead Jew, played by Daniel Craig, and his brother start the regime, yet go their separate ways when the brother desires bloodshed more than life. To be fair, it IS A good film and I enjoyed it ... I just couldn't stop making jokes throughout it though.

The thing about guys like me, Derek and Ethan is that we ... are evil fucks. We enjoy joking about the most crude and offensive shit known to man. If we see a death scene, we joke and laugh our asses off. We'll make obscure references if something get's too serious. We'll go on and on and not give a fuck. I think it's called "Schadenfreude", taking joy from pain. Yeah, we're Schadenfreudians. Or something.

Throughout the movie, we kept joking and goofing off ... during a movie about Jews in Germany in the 1940s ... during the Holocaust ... if we weren't going to hell before (which I'm sure we were) then we are now. Granted, I'm not a big Christian ... or considered a Christian at all, but I can certainly consider the concept of Hell, a place where God sends all the people who are assholes.

After the movie, we went to Taco Bell and just kept joking. Ethan and Derek told me their idea about a movie about people go into battles in the ocean riding Whales. And they also told me about Conker's Bad Fur Day, a game I never played but DEFINITELY want to. And poking fun at movie trailers, like how you KNOW the movie is gonna be a comedy when the Movie Voice guy changes his tone during the thing and says something. For example, "Jason Crane was an average student, and average college man, and an average employee. Everything seemed average for him, so his father / son camping trip would seem average as well. BUT NOW-" Right there and then, you KNOW, things are gonna get crazy.

So the three of us thought of a humorous warm hearted cliche movie involving Adolf Hitler. Sort of a mix between Shindler's List and Mrs. Doubtfire. I cam up with the name Fuhrer Doubtfire. Ethan thought of Mrs. Doubt Fuhrer. Which was WAY better. We thought of the whole scenario ... EXCEPT for the reason why he dresses like a woman. All we know is it should star Robert Downey Jr. and should be ridiculous.

Yup, STRAIGHT to Hell. No detours. No me going to the Pearly Gates and St Peter saying, "Oh, some bad news Nick-" NO! STRAIGHT TO HELL!

It figures I would go to Hell for thinking of a comedy staring Hitler, rather than me wondering if God even exists ... yeah, God would forgive that, but he wouldn't forgive Mrs. DoubtFuhrer and his triumphant heart warming speech at the end.

"There shall be no more burnings! No more death camps! No more killings! From now on, Mein Kampf is now YOUR Kampf!"

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