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Can I Waste YOUR Time Instead?

So, another semester's come and gone. This is probably my worst yet, but we'll wait and see.

Oh well, that's depressing, time to whore myself out.

Last new year's, my resolution was to do something with my Youtube account, other than favoring videos. Before that, all I uploaded was some Spore videos and 2 episodes of a series I never had any intention of keeping up with called Improv Kareoke. Well, now, I'm doing movie reviews. Sorta, my style is that I upload a video that's a couple seconds long with my impression of the video (whether it be a sentence on what actor should die, or a ramble about something random) and a link to another livejournal account I made with written reviews.

The problem being I see WAY more movies then I make videos for, so, I dunno, I'll have to do something about that over the summer. Anyways, here's the youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuddhaBot

AND here's the archive of written reviews: http://community.livejournal.com/buddhabot/

So yeah ... i know nobody reads this, but, if you do, pass it on.

I'm thinking of doing more stuff with my channel, like spoofs, skits, and vlogs. So, wait and see. The year isn't over yet.